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The main Fitness Assistant screen including the calendar and all information panels (calories, nutrition, goals, activity zones)

Fitness Assistant Overview

Fitness Assistant is a complete diet and fitness software for tracking and managing all aspects of nutrition, exercise and training. It is a small download and is quick and easy to install and use.

Why Use It?

Reach Your Weight Goals
Set your weight goals and Fitness Assistant will tell you exactly how much to eat and exercise to reach your target weight on the target date. It works in weight loss, maintenance and weight gain mode.

Flexible Eating
Eat more or less than the program tells you and it will automatically correct the calorie plan for the remainder of the goal period.

Smarter No Plateau Dieting
Fitness Assistant actively monitors your progress, detects changes in your daily energy expenditure and then modifies your calorie plan in real-time. It can even work with inaccurate food labels and food logs.

Stop Inflating Exercise Calories
Count only the extra calories you burn exercising and subtract the calorie overlap with your usual activities. Most people don't realize that 10% to 50% of the calories burned through exercise are already accounted for by their calorie counter. One more reason for plateaus eliminated.

Keep the Weight Off
Enter the Active Zone where weight regain is highly unlikely. A certain amount of daily physical activity protects you from weight regain. Fitness Assistant is the only diet software that learns your activity level and shows you how much activity you need to get in the Active Zone where your hunger is naturally suppressed.

Workout tracking with advanced features built-in
If you lift weights for strength or size or athleticism, Fitness Assistant's workout log will blow your mind. Seamlessly use the classic weight lifting notation ("75%1RM", "8RM", "70%1RM+10") and workout templates to build customizable workout cycles based on periodization (linear, non-linear...). Workout sections enable you to log training circuits, (escalating) density and interval workouts. Also track intensity, tempo, volume, time under tension (TUT) and a lot more...

Unlimited Data
Create unlimited user profiles (family members or personal training clients). Add unlimited amount of foods, recipes, workouts, templates, activities...

Full International Support
Fitness Assistant works in grams/oz, pounds/kilograms, calories/kilojoules, inches/cm/meters/miles, (US/Imperial and Metric)...

Track Diet and Exercise

Enter the foods you eat and calculate your daily intake of calories, protein, fat, carbs and fiber. Calendar based navigation and informational panels give you detailed information about your metabolism, goals and calorie macros. Add commonly eaten foods to "Favorite Foods" and Fitness Assistant will always show these at the top for faster logging.

Track any form of exercise and its calorie expenditure - weights, cardio, running, athletic practice, crossfit, bodybuilding. If you can measure it, Fitness Assistant can track it.

Record Meals and Menus
Plan and record all your meals including meal time of the day. Organize your meals into daily menus (meal plans) and log them with a single drag-and-drop mouse operation.

Track extra nutrients
Fitness Assistant tracks these extra nutrients: fiber, saturated fats, cholesterol, total sugars, sodium, potassium and calcium.

Track weight, body fat % and body measurements over time
Log, graph, chart and print reports of how your bodyweight changes over time.

Track Workouts

Log every workout variable

Record weights, sets, reps, rest, relative and absolute intensity (%NRM), volume, number of lifts, density, tempo, TUT (time under tension), left/right limb for unilateral exercises. Enter distance, time and pace for your cardio/running. Our workout software comes with 300 pre-built exercises and 900 activities and their MET values (for calculating calories).

Create better workout programs

You can easily build whole training cycles into workout templates and reuse them later (great for you and your clients - if you're a personal trainer). You can define sections within workouts/templates. These sections can be done for time or repeated to log density/circuit type workouts.

Track your personal bests

Measure progress and track personal records on any exercise. The software will use that information to calculate relative/absolute intensity and automatically turn relative notation weights (for example from workout templates) into real weights.

Get powerful training insights

Fitness Assistant will show you powerful insights about your training. With its graphs and reports you get answers to questions such as: How did my training volume and intensity change over the last few months on these 5 exercises?

Mix any form of measurements

Enter weights in kilograms or pounds or relative weights. Log distance in miles, kilometers, meters, centimeters, yards and feet. Track energy in calories or kilojoules.

Powerful workout tracker

Use the relative weight notation (3x6x8RM; 5x5x80%1RM) to create workout routines that adjust to your strength. Use the max reps percentage notation (Pullups - 60%MR = do a set with 60% of the maximum repetitions on pullups) to create programs that adjust to your strength endurance capacity. Weights and reps are automatically calculated based on your current maxes and you can round the weights quickly.

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