Fitness Assistant

Simply The Best Diet and Fitness Software App For PC in 2023


The main Fitness Assistant screen including the calendar and all information panels (calories, nutrition, goals, activity zones)

Fitness Assistant is a fitness software app that makes it easy for you to:

  • Track Your Workouts
  • Plan Your Training
  • Log Every Workout Variable
  • Track Your Personal Records
  • Keep Track of Your Diet
  • Log Meals & Track Calories
  • Calculate Calorie Goals
  • Track Exercise Calories
  • Track Your Progress
  • Get Powerful Training Insights
  • Track Weight, Body Fat%, Strength and Measurements

It is a small download and is quick and easy to install and use on your PC.

Workout Tracking
Fitness Assistant's workout log will impress even the most advanced weight lifters. It goes far beyond tracking sets and reps.
Diet Tracking
The app makes it easy for you to set accurate daily calorie goals and track your diet. It works in weight loss, maintenance and weight gain mode.

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