Fitness Assistant Screenshots

Note: the screenshots below show values in calories and pounds, but the program also supports all international units: grams/oz, pounds/kilograms, calories/kilojoules, inches/cm/meters/miles, (US/Imperial and Metric).

New user setup screen (set personal data, measurements preferences and passwords).
The main screen including the calendar and all information panels (calories, nutrition, goals, activity zones)
The food logs screen. Quickly log calories. Setup meals and menus.
Set your weight goals screen.
Set dietary composition goals screen.
Log extra activities screen.
The training log screen. Log workouts, create and reuse workout templates.
Log bodyweight and bodyfat screen.
The activities dictionary. Has over 800 activities with MET values.
The exercise dictionary.
Analyze calorie/kilojoule balance on an hourly basis.
The recipe book screen. Customize your recipes.
The recovery screen.
Nutrition, bodyweight, training, recovery and measurements reports screen.
TDEE calculator screen.

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