Logging Extra Activities, Workouts and Personal Records

Fitness Assistant Tour - Part 5 of 6

You can log 2 types of exercise in Fitness Assistant - extra activities and workouts. These are completely separate screens. The extra activities concept is used only to count calories (activity like walking or running or playing basketball, duration, time of day, energy expenditure). The workouts screen is used to log workouts (sets, reps, weights etc.)

Overreporting exercise calories is very common. Just because you've burned let's say 300 calories playing basketball, it does not mean you've burned 300 extra calories. Any time you exercise, you substitute one activity with another. If you didn't play basketball, you might have burned 80 calories. That's the overlap and most people count these calories twice. When you log extra activities or workouts, Fitness Assistant will subtract the calorie overlap with your usual daily energy expenditure.

This overlap can get quite big when you log very low intensity activities like walking or very low intensity cardio.

Logging Extra Activities.
Log extra activities screen.
Over 800 Activities with their MET values.
The activities dictionary. Has over 800 activities with MET values.

Fitness Assistant is quite powerful when it comes to logging workouts.

Logging workouts. Mix kg and lbs as you wish.
The training log screen. Log workouts, create and reuse workout templates.

You can build reusable workout templates and use the relative weight notation (5x5x80%5RM). The software will automatically calculate the working weight (from your current personal bests) when you copy from the template to the workout log.

Workout Templates - The Russian Squat Routine
A workout template showing the Russian Squat Routine
Round the Weights
Round the weights screen.
Keep track of your personal records.
Your Personal Records (Best Lifts) Screen Personal Lift Records Editor
Exercise Dictionary. With over 300 exercises.
Exercise Dictionary. With over 300 exercises.
And you can add more exercises...
Add new exercise editor screen.

It is important to monitor your recovery and decide if it is time to back-off.

Monitoring Recovery...
Recovery Monitoring Screen.

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5. Logging Extra Activities, Workouts and Personal Records.
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