Tracking Foods, Menus, Meals and Recipes

Fitness Assistant Tour - Part 4 of 6

The main food logs screen let's you log food, menus, meals and recipes. Quickly search for foods and log them. Tip: Add frequently eaten foods and recipes to your Favorite Foods tab for faster logging. You can open multiple food logs and menus at the same time and copy/paste or drag&drop to quickly transfer items between them.

You can see data in calories, kilojoules, pounds and kilograms.

The food logs screen. Quickly log calories. Setup meals and menus.

Add unlimited amounts of new foods to the database and edit copies of existing foods. You can enter food data in calories and kilojoules.

Food Editor
Add/Edit Foods Screen.

Here's where you manage your recipes (you can add unlimited amount of recipes).

Recipe Book
The recipe book screen. Customize your recipes.

Here's where you set your diet composition goals. You can check if you are successfully following the goals in the Nutrition Plan Panel (main screen and the food logs screens).

Setting Dietary Composition Goals
Set your macro goals for protein, fat and carbs.

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1. Quick User Setup
2. Working with The Main Screen (Calendar, Calorie Balance, Calorie Composition, Nutrition Plan, Weight and Activity Profiles)
3. Setting Weight Goals. Keeping Track of Bodyweight and Body Fat %.
4. Tracking Foods, Menus, Meals and Recipes.
5. Logging Extra Activities, Workouts and Personal Records.
6. Defining Fitness Phases and Running Charts, Graphs and Reports.
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