Fitness Phases, Charts, Graphs and Reports

Fitness Assistant Tour - Part 6 of 6

With Fitness Assistant you can define your own fitness phases. Then pull graphs, charts and reports about how each phase went. The main calendar shows colored rectangles for each phase.

Defining Fitness Phases
Here's where you define your fitness phases.

All charts are super customizable.

Nutrition, Weight and Recovery Charts
Nutrition, Weight and Recovery Charts/Graphs
Training Graphs
Training Graphs Screen. Graph Intensity, Relative Intensity, Volume, Total Lifts and more...

You can see how your energy balance changes minute by minute during a given day. If you like to spread your food evenly, you can see when there are "holes" or periods you're not eating enough.

Analyze calorie/kilojoule balance by the minute
Analyze calorie/kilojoule balance by the minute

There is a separate Reports screen where you can run reports on all data. There are also local reports within some of the major screens like the Food/Training Logs screens.

The powerful reports screen where you can run completely customized fitness reports.

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1. Quick User Setup
2. Working with The Main Screen (Calendar, Calorie Balance, Calorie Composition, Nutrition Plan, Weight and Activity Profiles)
3. Setting Weight Goals. Keeping Track of Bodyweight and Body Fat %.
4. Tracking Foods, Menus, Meals and Recipes.
5. Logging Extra Activities, Workouts and Personal Records.
6. Defining Fitness Phases and Running Charts, Graphs and Reports.
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