Setting Bodyweight Goals

Fitness Assistant Tour - Part 3 of 6

Here you set a reasonable bodyweight goal AND a date when you want to achieve it.

Once you adopt the goal, Fitness Assistant will give you a target daily calorie/kj goal. Try to meet it. When you eat more or less than Fitness Assistant recommends, it will automatically correct the plan for the remainder of the period.

If you lose weight too fast, Fitness Assistant will slow you down by telling you to eat more. If you're behind schedule (for example, if the dieting has made you move less during the day), Fitness Assistant will tell you to burn more energy.

On days when you are more active/exercise, log these workouts/extra activities and Fitness Assistant will prompt you to eat more (to get the same target balance).

Log bodyweight at least once a week. About once a week Fitness Assistant will compare your projected and your real (reported) bodyweight and recalculate your current activity level and adjust the daily targets.

Setting Bodyweight Goals in Pounds
Set your bodyweight goals screen (goal, date) - pounds
Setting Bodyweight Goals in Kilograms
Set your bodyweight goals screen (goal, date) - kgs

It is very important to log your bodyweight once a week (or more). When you do that, Fitness Assistant will compare your bodyweight to the projected one and recalculate your activity level, metabolic rate and calorie targets.

Logging your Bodyweight in Pounds
Log Bodyweight and Body Fat Screen (pounds)
Logging your Bodyweight in Kilograms
Log Bodyweight and Body Fat Screen (kilograms)

Now, let's look at the screens where you'll log foods, meals, menus and recipes.

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1. Quick User Setup
2. Working with The Main Screen (Calendar, Calorie Balance, Calorie Composition, Nutrition Plan, Weight and Activity Profiles)
3. Setting Weight Goals. Keeping Track of Bodyweight and Body Fat %.
4. Tracking Foods, Menus, Meals and Recipes.
5. Logging Extra Activities, Workouts and Personal Records.
6. Defining Fitness Phases and Running Charts, Graphs and Reports.
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