Quick User Setup

Fitness Assistant Tour - Part 1 of 6

The first step in using Fitness Assistant is setting up your user account. The program will use this information to make an initial estimate of your metabolic rate. Later Fitness Assistant will actively recalculate it based on data from your food and bodyweight records.

As you can see from the 2 screenshots below, Fitness Assistant supports the US/Imperial and the Metric measurement systems. It also works with calories and kilojoules.

Setting up a user with pounds/inches/feet
Create a Fitness Assistant user (US/Imperial).
Setting up a user with kilograms/cm/longish password
Create a Fitness Assistant user (Metric)

Now, let's look at the main screen where everything (diet, calories, goals, training) is put together

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1. Quick User Setup
2. Working with The Main Screen (Calendar, Calorie Balance, Calorie Composition, Nutrition Plan, Weight and Activity Profiles)
3. Setting Weight Goals. Keeping Track of Bodyweight and Body Fat %.
4. Tracking Foods, Menus, Meals and Recipes.
5. Logging Extra Activities, Workouts and Personal Records.
6. Defining Fitness Phases and Running Charts, Graphs and Reports.
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