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Thrilled with the results

"I have achieved success with Fitness Assistant. I downloaded the trial version on March 16 and chose a one month goal of a 10 pound weight loss. At the end of the month and with the loss of 10 pounds, I purchased the software. I subsequently chose two smaller weight loss goals and to date (August 20) have lost 24 pounds.

I find the software easy to use. I particularly like being able to enter the nutritional information of my favorite products. And I like that it makes my favorite foods easy to find putting them at the top of the list each time I search for them. It takes the guess work out of calorie counting and has made me aware of the nutritional content of the foods I eat. Previously I would only track calories, but now I can track and control my protein, fat and carbohydrate intake.

I am thrilled with the results."

Wendy Neufeld

"I have been on diets since I was 5 and I am now 22 years old. I didn’t have the money to pay someone to monitor my calories, protein, carbs, etc. Also I wasn’t aware of how many calories to eat to meet my goal of 55 pounds in 3 months. I was 315lbs and now using this program along with a lot of exercise and determination I am already down 35lbs and have gained a lot of muscle in only 7weeks! I also use this program to monitor my cardio times and how much weight I have lifted. Since everybody’s metabolic rate is different, this program actually accurately calculates how many calories to burn and eat on a daily basis. The longer you use it, the more accurate it is. Since I spend so much time on the PC, this was the best solution for me and it will be for you too!"

Sean Odell

"Let me start off by saying that I purchased your program because I was struck by your straight forward, no nonsense approach to fitness. Most other programs lure customers by offering 'lifestyle' packages and promises of weight loss, which you do not do. You provide a software package based on sound principles and clients can clearly see what they are doing to their body. No surprises, if you do the right thing you get the right result, end of story.

Furthermore, I appreciate your personal involvement in the development of the product. You answer questions precisely and comprehensively. Software support is always prompt.

Over the last few months, I have managed to lose 10 kgs by using FA. Most of my friends thought I was mad when I said I had to lose weight because I appear quite trim. FA made it easy for me to remain on target. The daily log kept me focused and involved in what I am eating. I quickly realised how a nibble here and there can affect my goals! On the other hand, it made it easy to compensate for such things when I had my next meal.

I love the way the program 'predicts' your weight the next day and how it learns your metabolism. This adds a level of expectation and it is a joy to discover that your body works like a finely tuned clock; if you do the right thing - it responds in an expected manner.

I have recommended this program to many friends. In fact, I have done so today. I hope she will download it tomorrow so that she can prove to herself that she under-eats in a big way, which explains why she is not losing weight."

Wynand McDonald
"Control is easy and motivation is high"

I have been using Fitness Assistant for more than 3 months and I'm very happy with it. My main problem was that I didn't pay so much attention to the "small things". I was eating during the day and I wondered why I don't lose any gram - in fact - why do I still put on!

The use of the program is very easy and after some days you get used to put in everything you were consuming during the day and also which physical activity you have made (best is to do it immediately - then you don't forget something). In real time the program calculates how many calories you have taken and how much is left for the day. Also you can follow the three parts - Protein, Fats and Carbs. Whenever you don't find a meal in the database you have the possibility to put in all information by yourself.

My wife is also using it on another PC and we can share the user food database via export and import functions. So that you don't have to type in the information several times.

More important to say now is that I have constantly lost weight and I was using the "Goal setting" which calculated how much calories I have to "miss" every day to reach my goal. With that system I have lost 4 kg (from 92kg to 88kg) in 3 months without making a real diet! It is more that you pay attention to what you eat. Now I still use the program and the goal is to keep the reached weight. I can fully recommend this software which you can also use for putting on weight (if needed) ;-).

Michael Archangel

"I’ve spent many hours over the last month looking for diet and exercise software. My primary purpose was to track bicycling, running, weight lifting and nutrition. I was recording the exercise information in a paper notebook which left a record but was difficult to analyze. Nutrition recording in a paper notebook was too much effort so I did not even attempt it. Before even starting the search I knew what I was looking for.

It had to be able to take data from a wide variety of exercises.

It had to be able to present the exercise data in basic and useful ways.

The ability to evaluate any trends was a must.

It had to be able to easily find nutritional information and record it while also presenting the information in basic and useful ways.

Above all else it had to be easy to use in every aspect.

Many programs were downloaded and installed. Some were deleted after a few minutes of frustration. Some did great on nutrition and not so great on exercise. Some were the other way around. Some were usable but weren’t easy to use. The search finally ended with Fitness Assistant. Fitness Assistant provided the basic information I was looking for without a lot of extra detail I was not interested in. I have only used it for a short while but have been very impressed with the ease of use and innovative features such as the self adjusting metabolic rate.

Thank you X3M for a great product."

Dave Kolacz

And here are some of the user comments on

"Great, I lost 50 lbs with it!!!"


I've been heavy all of my life. I used this software to guide my weight loss. I lost 50 lbs using FA. It's easy enough to set-up (took about 15-20 mins to understand the basics of of the app.

First things first: you need to understand weight loss generally. Talk to your doctor to understand what amounts of weight are safe for you to lose, and what amounts of fat, protein and carbs are needed for food intake, or do the research on your own. It's kind of like using a calculator to do math. You need to know what you are doing (i.e., the process of math) before taking a calculator and punching in numbers. I love that I set fitness goals on my own schedule. I read a review on here where the user did not like that you have to set a weight loss goal by picking dates. As far as I know, time is a variable needed to calculate weight loss (I have no idea how else you might figure it out ad make it happen).

I love that you can add your own food to the menus.

1). Menus/food items could be better for searching.
2). This app needs to run in the cloud
3) install on my android phone.

I give it 4.5 stars for

I love it. When I stop using it, I tend to put some weight back on...I always use it to get back on track. It works every time.

User comment by user: Glen Casey
"The BEST I've used yet. I've used several and this is by far the most accurate."

The program is dynamic and learns based on your average loss over a week. It properly calculates your BMR based on average weight loss vs calories eaten. Calculates your activity levels based on information you provide and has thus far been right on the money. My wife and I have been very impressed losing an average of 8-lbs a month just from exercise and eating right - basing our nutritional input on this programs recommendations. Prior to using this program we've only been able to lose 3 to 4 lbs a month by exercising and guessing how much we needed to eat.

The program is overall easy to use - it does have a learning curve of about two or three days to really understand how to input data - user defined foods, etc. Definitely worth the $50 price tag. I've used others that were equally and or more expensive and not been as impressed. There are a couple of programs out there that are free and seem to be OK - but no comparison to this one. I worked in the fitness industry many years ago and still work in healthcare - this is definitely a tool worth having whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, increase your cardio-vascular fitness or all of the above.

User comment by user: stcimaging
"Best weight-loss/training software money can buy!"

I've been using this program for just shy of a month, and I've already lost 14 pounds! I've always had the hardest time losing weight, and could never understand why until I started using this software.

The theory is so simple: To lose weight, just burn more calories than you consume. However, in practice, I personally have always fallen short because I never really knew how many calories I consumed. With this program, it does all the work for me, and all I have to do is log my weight once a week, and my food daily.Once I achieve my goal weight, which is now only 11 pounds away, I will continue to use the program to monitor my food intake so the weight doesn't come back. In a vastly overweight nation, software like this should be on everyone's computer!

User comment by user: goobah
"Phenomenal product! It allowed me to accomplish diet tracking/workouts easily!"

I have been working out for 5 months now. I have reduced my body fat and increased my lean muscle mass but have not been able to reach certain "timed" goals. I did much research and needed a simplistic way to modify and track my protein, fat, and carb percentages in conjunction with calories expended, resting metabolic rate, lean muscle mass, etc. I wanted to keep all my lean muscle mass while losing fat, and then increase my lean muscle mass. This program fit the bill perfectly! I downloaded the trial version 2 weeks ago, and lost 6 pounds of pure fat in 13 days and gained over one pound of muscle. It was EXACTLY what should have happened! I could not accomplish this in the previous 5 months. The software is just what I needed!

User comment by user: Joyven
"Excellent goals based fitness & weight loss product."

Since I started using it to model my diet and exercise regimen, I have been faithful to updating all details. I completed a weigh-in this morning and compared my weight to the predicted value based on the calculations used for calorie/exercise burn. And, the application was off! Yes it was - a whole .02 pounds, yes, point zero two pounds! This was astonishing to me and more importantly, provided the kind of feedback one would like to see in this effort. More importantly, I am using calories, fat content and exercise as the key discriminators for my diet, rather than some "fad" approach. I am eating what I want within reasonable limits but always meeting the calorie intake suggested or slightly less, to meet weight goals.

User comment by user: mskoda
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