Fitness Assistant

Simply The The Best Workout Tracker Software App for PC in 2020


The main Fitness Assistant screen including the calendar and all information panels (calories, nutrition, goals, activity zones)

Fitness Assistant is a workout tracking software that allows you to:

  • Track Your Workouts
  • Log Every Workout Variable
  • Create Workout Templates
  • Track Your Personal Records
  • Log Weights, Sets, Reps
  • See Volume, Intensity, Density
  • Calculate Strength Goals
  • Track Workout Calories

Fitness Assistant lets you track your workouts far beyond sets and reps.

Log every workout variable

Record weights, sets, reps, rest, relative and absolute intensity (%NRM), volume, number of lifts, density, tempo, TUT (time under tension), left/right limb for unilateral exercises. Enter distance, time and pace for your cardio/running. Our workout software comes with 300 pre-built exercises and 900 activities and their MET values (for calculating calories).

Create strength-tailored workout programs

Use the relative weight notation (3x6x8RM; 5x5x80%1RM) to create workout routines that adjust to your strength. Use the max reps percentage notation (Pullups - 60%MR = do a set with 60% of the maximum repetitions on pullups) to create programs that adjust to your strength endurance capacity. Weights and reps are automatically calculated based on your current maxes and you can round the weights quickly.

Track your personal bests

Measure progress and track personal records on any exercise. The software will use that information to calculate relative/absolute intensity and automatically turn relative notation weights (for example from workout templates) into real weights.

Get powerful training insights

Fitness Assistant will show you powerful insights about your training. With its graphs and reports you get answers to questions such as: "How did my training volume and intensity change over the last few months on these 5 exercises?"

Track Workout Calories

Track any form of exercise and its calorie expenditure - weights, cardio, running, athletic practice, crossfit, bodybuilding. If you can measure it, Fitness Assistant can track it.

Mix any form of measurements

Enter weights in kilograms or pounds or relative weights. Log distance in miles, kilometers, meters, centimeters, yards and feet. Track energy in calories or kilojoules.

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